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Manuscript Types

Original articles (basic and clinical research), review, case report, and letter to the editor

Manuscript Preparation

  • Manuscript title : The title should be clear and informative, not more than 20 words

  • Author : Write full name of author and co author, included address and email address

  • Abstract : Abstract consist of introduction, method, result, and conclusion, Not more than 350 words

  • Keywords : please list not more than 5 words

  • Text : For original articles should be consist of introduction, methods, results, discussion, and should include approporiate figures and tables. Text must be typed in arial 11, single column, 1,5 spaced. Margins on all four sides are 2 cm

  • Tables : Each tables must have a brief title, numbered, and mention clearly in main text. The column in tables not using vertical line. It must be self-explanatory and not duplicated in the text or figures

  • Figures : Figures should have a brief title, numbered and mention clearly in main text. The files must be in JPG9.jpg) files, minimum resolution is 300 dpi (photographs) an 1200 dpi (line art)

  • Ethical Approval of Studies and Informed Consent: For all manuscripts reporting data from studies involving human participants or animals, a formal review and approval, or formal review and waiver by an appropriate institutional review board or ethics committee is required, and should be described in the Subjects and Methods section

  • Acknowledgement : Mention the grant source and person who help your study

Reference Format

The references should be listed numerically by order of citation in the text. All references must be cited in superscript. References should fololow Vancouver standard. Mention all author if the person not more than 6. If more than 6 authors, please mention all 6 author, than use et al.

  • Reference to a journal publication :
    Ghazaly A, Moes A, Shorbagy M, Nahrery E. Angiopietin-2 as Biomarker Of Metabolic Syndrome and Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthrtitis Patients. The Egyptian Rheumatologist 2015. Vol 38 (1)9-13.

  • Reference to a book :
    Pfister F, Feng Y, Hammes HP. Pericyte loss in diabetic retina. In : Duh, Elia. Diabetic retinopathy. Boston : Humana Press. 2008. P.245-259

  • Dissertation :
    Thomas Markus. Molecular mechanisms of Angiopoietin-2 mediated destabilization of the vascular endotel. Dissertation der Fakultät für Biologie der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität.2008.

  • Manuscript component : Include in the manuscript file a title page, abstract, text, acknowledgments, references, and figure legends. Beginning with the title page, start each of these sections on a new page, and number them consecutively.
  • Manuscript file format : Please submit in Microsoft word formation, not in PDF.